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COTX X3 OTA Update August 2, 2022 - We have released COTX X3 firmware version v1.3.18

1. helium miner version is still 2022.07.14.0; this version does not require block sync.
2. The dashboard has been stripped of blockheight-related information.
3. The 5-minute auto-off function of the X3's LED display is back; you can turn the screen on and off via the Bluetooth button.
4. With the New system resource monitoring and SD card abnormality monitoring function, you can view the relevant information on the cloud platform in the future.
1. Firmware will be updated automatically, and hotspot owners do not need to do anything. Each firmware release takes a few hours to update all COTXs on the network, so please be patient and let your hotspot get updated.
2. If your device's current miner version is lower than v2022.07.14.0, please read the following document, check your network, and re-burn or replace the SD card.
3. If your hotspot firmware version has not been updated to v1.3.18 after 1-2 days, please read the following document, check your network, and refresh or replace-refresh the SD card.
In addition, we have updated the X3 burn image version. You can get the latest image, refresh your SD card and restore your device software by following the link below.!Ao2Z68WOeRm-apO4cIr4JsJF9Iw?e=Jgavcv
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