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Announcement: COTX FlexiMining© Release

Announcement: COTX FlexiMining© Release

19th July 2022, today COTX Networks formally release our COTX FlexiMining© to our  COTX Hotspot Cloud Service

FlexiMining enables COTX hotspot owners to install 3rd party mining apps in X3, X5, and mine cryptos other than $HNT. It'd give COTX hotspot owners more choices to better leverage your COTX full hotspot. Now our FlexiMining supports Computecoin and Mysterium.

Please read through our FlexiMining Terms of Service before you enable any mining apps.

If you have already enabled computecoin(CCN) or Mysterium mining apps during FlexiMining beta tests, now you do not need to do anything.

For new users who want to enable CCN or Mysterium, please login our COTX IOT Cloud portal - COTX Hotspot Cloud Service to enable them.

Just so you know, we may release storj, EarnApp, ScPrime soon.


Here are manuals for your reference: FlexiMining User Manual 

Please reach us if you have questions:


Discord COTX Community


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