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COTX FlexiMining Matrix Service - beta test

COTX FlexiMining Matrix Service - beta test

COTX is now looking for FlexiMining Matrix service beta test candidates:
If you have a fleet of Hotspots (>= five hotpots), and,
Your hotspot is COTX X3, or X5, or X3 Alcrymist edition, or,
Raspberry Pi based, e.g., SenseCAP M1, Syncrobit V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, GoldSpot, Panther X1, Helium Hotspot OG.
Then you can join the test.

We will help you install FlexiMining Package on your hotpots in batch, which means you can install any FlexiMining apps on any of your hotspots. This way, you can get good passive incomes based on your hotspots and keep your $HNT income simultaneously.


Requirement for candidates:
- You must keep your hotspots running FlexiMining package for at least TWO quarters.
- Some apps need hard drives. You must prepare the hard drives as required by some storage mining app, i.e. storj, ScPrime; recommended size would be 1.5 - 2TB HDD.
- You must prepare abundant and steady broadband for each hotspot since every mining app needs that.
- You won't need to pay the first TWO quarters of the COTX FlexiMining service fee; you won't need to pay the extra COTX Customer Service fee;
- You must pay all necessary stake, collateral, or license fees required by 3rd party mining apps;
- You should help COTX to collection information like:
        - your country and region;
        - your average monthly reward for the mining apps you installed;

Please join the beta test by sending an email to:



All mining apps and hotspots we supported in the FlexiMining Matrix.



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