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COTX Helium 5G solution is coming soon

COTX Helium 5G solution is coming soon

With the development of the Helium 5G network and the launch of the 5G subDAO, MOBILE Token, some Hotspot vendors have already followed up with Helium 5G-enabled products. We have adopted the strategy of rapid development and backward compatibility.


Key features and development directions of COTX's Helium 5G products

  • Openness: We insist on using open software and hardware components to build Helium 5G-enabled Hotspot products. We use Raspberry Pi as the hardware platform and open source core network software (Magma from Meta) as the gateway module. We also use the third-party 5G communication small base station products (Helium 5G CBRS Small Cell) to communicate with the Helium 5G network. The underlying hardware still uses COTX X3, X5. The X3 and X5 can support both the Helium LoRaWAN network and the Helium 5G network due to their strong computing power. And COTX Hotspot Cloud Service can manage various brands and features of Hotspot, including Hotspot for Helium LoRaWAN network and Hotspot for Helium 5G network.
  • Backward Compatibility: We run third-party open-source software (Magma from Meta) within the existing COTX X3, X5. We use the GE network to connect to third-party 5G communication small base stations so that all the current X3 and X5 users can have their hotspots support Helium 5G by adding small base station modules and upgrading the software.
  • Low power consumption: We break through the limitation of using X86 devices as a 5G gateway and successfully compile magma AGW on the ARM platform so that magma AGW can run on low-power devices like Raspberry Pi.
  • Multi-function: In addition to supporting Helium LoRaWAN and Helium 5G, COTX X3 and X5 also support FlexiMining©'s third-party mining apps, including Mysterium, Computecoin, EarnApp, Peer2Profit, IPRoyal, honeygain, Storj, etc., Users can install a COTX X3 or X5 Hotspot to achieve multiple mining functions at the same time, this enables COTX Hotspot Owners to maximize the return on their investment.

Currently, the COTX 5G product is in the product testing and software tuning phase. We will release more COTX Helium 5G product information; please stay tuned.

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Ahmed - July 22, 2022

Good job keep going

Arnoud - July 17, 2022

How can you install these apps such as mysterium on the CoTX device easy.

Ken - July 15, 2022

You guys have really turned around since Helium banned you for those couple months. I’m so happy I invested in an X3. Everywhere I look, COTX is ahead. Looking back, I took a big gamble, but it’s paying off!

Kenan - July 13, 2022

It’s a really exciting situation
Looking forward to the result
Good luck

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