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COTX LoRa Data Collector - PCBA - Customizable, accept OEM/ODM

COTX LoRa Data Collector - PCBA - Customizable, accept OEM/ODM

COTX's newly designed COTX LoRa Data Collector has completed PCBA design and pilot production and is ready for mass production.

LoRa collector is a module that integrates digital acquisition and control, analog acquisition and output, MODUBUS RTU and LoRa wireless communication functions.
The module contains 2-channel switch input, 2-channel relay output, 2-channel analog input and 1-channel serial data interface (RS485), built-in industrial-grade loRa transmission chip and embedded processor, to achieve data acquisition, wireless transmission, remote control of integrated only IoT solutions.

COTX LoRa Data Collector - PCBA, can help you connect various non-Lora sensors into LoraWAN / Helium Network.
We can customize the firmware and enclosure for you. We accept OEM/ODM and bulk orders now. We can provide you white-label cellphone app, so you can quickly build a new IoT solution.



Built-in Flash to protect data security.
Automatically determine whether the collected data exceeds the set threshold value, and abnormal data is reported immediately.
Built-in watchdog to ensure stable work of the device.
Rich interface, suitable for different application scenarios.
Support remote control.
Support low power consumption mode.


Working Mode

Working mode 1: low-power mode with one heartbeat in 24 hours.
Working mode 2: set a certain time period normal communication mode; (time period can be set)
Fault mode: discovering abnormal equipment data and reporting it immediately.




Power Supply

(2 interfaces to choose one)

DC Interface:5V

BAT interface:3.7~4.2V

LoRa band


LoRa transmit power


Receiving sensitivity


Switching input interface

2-channel optocoupler isolated switching input

Relay outlet

2 independent relay control output 

Maximum load current:250VAC/30VDC@5A

Analog interface

2-channel analog input

Voltage signal input range:-5V~+5V

Serial data interface

RS485 interface,RS485 interface, standard MODBUS RTU protocol




COTX LoRa Data Collector - Customizable

The enclosure and firmware of the COTX LoRa Data Collector all can all be customized. We accept bulk orders and OEM / ODM customers.


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Noshir F Kharas - December 6, 2022

I am looking for a RS232 to LoRaWAN Converter PCBA. The PCBA receives RS232 data and transmits it as LoRa Protocol.
Can you please assist.
Thank you.

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