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COTX LoRa Tracker - PCBA is ready, accept bulk order and OEM/ODM NOW!

COTX LoRa Tracker - PCBA is ready, accept bulk order and OEM/ODM NOW!

Based on years of IoT sensor R&D and production experience, COTX's newly designed COTX LoRa Tracker has completed PCBA design and pilot production and is ready for mass production.


MCU - EFR32BG22C222F352GM40

LoRa module - Semtech LR1110Ultra-low power platform that integrates a LoRa® transceiver, long range FHSS modulator, multi-constellation scanner, and passive Wi-Fi AP MAC address scanner. The LR1110 solution utilizes Semtech’s LoRa Cloud™ Ceolocation capabilities, to significantly reduce power consumption by determining location in a Cloud-based solver.


OptionalSemtech LR1120:

An ultra-low power device targeting global geolocation applications. It provides multi band LoRa® and Long Range - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (LR-FHSS) communication over sub-GHz and 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands as well as licensed S-Band for satellites. It integrates a Cloud-native multi-constellation global navigation satellite system (GNSS) scanner and a passive Wi-Fi MAC address scanner, both leveraging Semtech’s LoRa Cloud™ services. The LR1120 is designed to comply with the physical layer requirements of the LoRaWAN® standard specification released by the LoRa Alliance®, while remaining configurable to meet different application requirements and proprietary protocols.


Constellation - SIM66MB

CPU - Cortex-M33, 76.8MHz

Three-axis sensors - LIS2DW12

Tracking Sensitivity - -144dbm

Power: 22dbm/15dbm

Working Temp -  -30℃~60℃

Reset Button - Reboot, reset to factory

Low Noise Amplifier - GPS signals are filtered and boosted by a SAW filter and low-noise amplifier (LNA) allowing operation where other units fail.

Compatible with both standard LoraWAN network and Helium LoraWAN network. 


COTX LoRa Tracker Features


- WIFI Scan - for indoor positioning use cases; Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning

- GNSS: GPS, BeiDou - outdoor positioning

GPS Cloud: The COTX LoRa Tracker automatically uploads the collected GPS raw data information via LoRa to the 3rd party cloud App Server after power on, and the 3rd party cloud App Serve parses the GPS information and synchronizes it to the end user's local app. (3rd party may charge for the geolocation parse service)

GPS Local: the positioning information generated by the COTX LoRa Tracker would be uploaded through GNSS module to the cloud through LoRa, and then synchronized to the local app through the cloud. Geolocation parse would be done in the end-user app.


 Light and Small

PCBA size, 3cm x 3cm. You can see the size of the PCBA is just like a normal coin.


Multiple Interfaces


Multiple Power Source Options

The power source could be:

- AAA*2, series connection

-CR2450 Button battery*2, parallel connection

-USB-Type C 5V 2A power source,

Note: You can use a rechargeable AAA battery but can not recharge it by the USB-Type C port we provided in the COTX LoRa Tracker. The USB-Type C port we offered in the Tracker is solely used to provide an external power source to the GPS Tracker if you choose not to use AAA or button batteries.


Long-Lasting Tracking Time

Based on our testing and theoretical calculation:

AAA*2 battery, if COTX Lora Tracker, once-daily location updates, 9.2 years; once-hourly location updates, 1.75 years;

CR2450*2 battery, if COTX Lora Tracker, once-daily location updates, 5 years; once-hourly location updates, 0.96 years;

USB-Type C power source, no theoretical limitation.

Sleep Current - <10uA


Smart Configuration and Power Saving

You can customize the LoRa Tracker's update cycle, heartbeat rate, and movement detection threshold to support various use cases.

You can set up the tracker's location update policy based on different times and movement detection to save power. e.g., only report location when the object starts to move. If the object does not move, the tracker enters sleep mode to further save the power.


Frequency we support



Tip Detection

Users can set the physical tilt alarm parameters to report alarm information when a serious tilt-type occurs.


COTX LoRa Tracker - Customizable

The enclosure and firmware of the COTX LoRa Tracker all can all be customized. We accept bulk orders and OEM / ODM customers.




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Nicholas Corum - October 1, 2023

Hi, is there any way the COTX LoRa Tracker can be packages as a cattle ear tag? Would be interested in buying in bulk. If so, rough estimates would be appreciated.

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