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COTX Networks Newsletter - Aug 2022

COTX Networks Newsletter - Aug 2022

Now we offer you X5 Full Helium Hotspot and Antenna, so you can do one-stop shopping for the outdoor X5 Hotspot. X5 Antenna Combo - X5


COTX FlexiMining, a powerful service to let you have more passive income by your Helium hotspot, FlexiMining now supports Storj and EarnApp; ScPrime will enter beta testing soon; Flux, Meson Network, PreSearch, and WireGuard are in internal testing. Please check FlexiMining - Support Matrix to see all the the mining apps we supported.  COTX X3 Alcrymist Edition Hotspot can support all mining apps we can offer, it brings you good passive income.


COTX: The People's Open Lab will soon be released in beta, by our Open Lab, you can easily conduct various IoT sensor testing over the Helium network, globally.



Please join our COTX FlexiMining Survey, so we can offer you more  FlexiMining apps and services.


Welcome to join FlexiMining© - Non-COTX Hotspots - Beta Test

This feature will help you to flash COTX firmware to support FlexiMining, so you can get more passive income from your hotspot. Please check the manual.

We welcome the following hotspot owners to join:

SenseCAP M1 V2
MNTD Blackspot
Panther X1, X2
MNTD GoldSpot
Pisces P100
Helium Hotspot OG


COTX Support Helium 5G - Updates
COTX Developer teams have successfully finished the internal integration tests about the X3(Raspberry Pi hardware) support Magma software and connected the X3 as Access Gateway to Orchestrator(private). And we will conduct radio signal tests soon.


COTX Petfon GPS Tracker supports TTN (The Things Network) LoraWAN now

A Helium network, LoraWAN network compatible GPS tracker now is listed at TTN - thethingsnetwork. Petfon GPS Tracker can work in a standard LoraWAN environment, the Helium network environment, and LoraP2P environment.


New Lora Sensor: COTX LoRa Data Collector
COTX has released a new COTX LoRa Data Collector - PCBA, which can help you connect various non-Lora sensors into LoraWAN / Helium Network.
We can customize the firmware and enclosure for you. We accept OEM/ODM and bulk orders now. We can provide you white-label cellphone app, so you can quickly build a new IoT solution.


Discord - COTX Communities Announcement


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If you have questions or suggestions, please contact COTX Networks at:
Welcome to Join COTX Community:
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