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COTX Networks Newsletter - Dec 2022

COTX Networks Newsletter - Dec 2022

 COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS starts to accept pre-orders

  • Early bird customer benefit: save 20%, total USD 239.2 for high-performance COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS, bundle with SSD drive and pre-installed FluxOS.
  • Very easy to install. You need to know 0 about Linux commands.
  • Very low power consumption. ~ 7 USD per YEAR for power cost.
  • You can buy and install multiple COTX FluxNodes in one site and manage them remotely through COTX Hotspot Cloud Service (
  • Estimated delivery time - Early Jan 2023.

Note: You have to pay the Flux collateral directly to Flux.

COTX is Flux Official Partner
Check Flux Economics
Check $Flux Price


COTX - Oort DEN Device - Deimos - Start to Accept Pre-Order

COTX has been working closely with Oort (formerly Computecoin, CCN) on the new Oort DEN device - Deimos. DEN is a Decentralized Edge Network, which is one of the flagship products of the data infrastructure for the next billion Web3 users.
And for this new Deimos device, we now accept pre-orders, estimated ~ 50 working days delivery time after you place the order. Est. to be delivered in early Jan 2023.

The benefit of Deimos for customers are:

  • High passive income, especially for the first 10K early bird owners. You get a $Oort token, aka $CCN Coin.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Can be managed by COTX Hotspot Cloud Service remotely.

Check Deimos tokenomics HERE

Place pre-order HERE


FlexiMining On Sale - 50% OFF for any FlexiMining apps and packages
FlexiMining supports Raspberry Pi 4B now

  • Turn your Raspberry Pi 4B and Helium Hotspot into multiple crypto mining devices to get high passive income with FlexiMinining. Est. ~ 30 USD per month.
  • 50% off discount for any FlexiMining apps, FlexiMining packages, and services. Please use this discount code when you check out: COTXFLEXIMINING2022DEC
  • Promotion Time: 21st Nov - 31st Dec 2022


COTX hotspot firmware can be flashed to Midas 926 hotspot (in beta test). So Midas hotspot owner can run FlexiMining now, to get more crypto passive income.

Now COTX hotspot firmware can be flashed to Midas 926 hotspot (in beta test), so the Midas hotspot can be added to the COTX Hotspot Cloud Service ( to install FlexiMining apps.
By FlexiMining, the hotspot's owner can turn your Midas hotspot into a multiple-crypto mining device, not just a Helium $HNT miner.
COTX Partners in US and EU provide firmware flashing assistant service since the Midas hotspot needs more steps to finish firmware flashing. Of course, you can choose to do it yourself.

The manual to flash COTX firmware for your Midas 926 hotspot.
COTX Customer Service - COTX Firmware Flashing Assistant for Midas Hotspot


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