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COTX Networks Newsletter - Feb 2023

COTX Networks Newsletter - Feb 2023

Place Pre-Order COTX - Oort DEN Device USD 379 - Deimos NOW!

The Oort Decentralized Edge Network (Oort DEN) is here  What does this signify? It means the DEN device can be connected to the Oort DEN network and generate high passive income NOW! You can pre-order COTX - Oort DEN Device...

Edge nodes around the globe can now join, contribute to, and be rewarded for participating in #OortEdgeMining  In this new testnet, Ascraeus, we will carefully review and enhance Oort DEN so it can maintain and amplify our Web3 data cloud.

The earlier you join Oort DEN, the higher the passive income you will get.
Check the passive income



COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS Shipping NOW - USD 239.2

- High Passive Income crypto mining device

Save 20%, a total USD 239.2 for high-performance COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS. bundle with 250 GB SSD and pre-installed FluxOS.

- No FlexiMining Service Fee.

- Very easy to install. You need to know 0 about Linux commands.

- Green.~7 USD power consumption per YEAR.

-Fast blockchain sync, by minutes.

 COTX FluxNode Brochure:

A happy COTX FluxNode customer:

Excellent performance and passive income of COTX FluxNode - Cumulus.
One of our happy customers set up 5 nodes on a single IP(multi-node setup). Super happy with the result; Looking at making $41.19 per month and will be spending $35.00 in power per year (5 nodes x $7.00/year)!


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