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COTX Networks Newsletter - Jan 2023

COTX Networks Newsletter - Jan 2023

2860 FlexiMining web3.0 crypto mining apps installed globally
Now we support 10 x FlexiMining apps, 10 x hardware platforms, and another 5 x FlexiMining apps to be released.

Please check FlexiMining Support Matrix

FlexiMining supports Standard Raspberry Pi NOW!
You can choose COTX FlexiMining© Package - For Raspberry Pi to turn your Raspberry Pi into a highly efficient mining device that supports multiple crypto minings in one Raspberry Pi. Only cost you 25 USD per year for ~10 FlexiMining apps on your Raspberry Pi.

COTX - Oort DEN Device - Deimos - Accept Pre-Order-USD 379
The benefit of Oort Deimos:
-High passive income,especially for the first 10K early bird owners ($Oort token, aka $CCN Coin).
-Low power consumption.
-Managed by COTX Hotspot Cloud Service remotely.

Oort DEN Deimo ROI Analysis - For Reference:


COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS starts to accept pre-orders-USD 239.2
Save 20%, total USD 239.2 for high-performance COTX FluxNode- CUMULUS, bundle with SSD hard drive and pre-installed FluxOS.
- No FlexiMining Service Fee.
- Very easy to install. You need to know 0 about Linux commands
- Green. ~7 USD power consumption per YEAR.
- Estimated delivery time - Early Jan 2023.

COTX FluxNode Brochure:

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