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COTX now is enlisting candidates for the FlexiMining - CCN mining beta test on COTX X3 full Helium hotspot

COTX now is enlisting candidates for the FlexiMining - CCN mining beta test on COTX X3 full Helium hotspot

What is Computecoin?
Computecoin (CCN) is the next-generation infrastructure that powers all-purpose Web3 and metaverse services.

Computecoin makes it easy for you to get started in all things Web3: AI, VR, AR, dApps, NFTs, and more by providing rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and storage power for Web.3 pioneers. Plus, our secure and decentralized network ensures that your data is always safe.


COTX has been working with computecoin to let COTX FlexiMining support CCN mining app on top of COTX X3. Now we welcome customers to join our FlexiMining - CCN beta test.

Here are the requirements to be qualified as a candidate

- Your COTX X3 version upgraded to firmware v1.2.15 with Miner v2022.06.09.0

- Pay 10 USD - the computecoin activation fee, COTX will collect, then pay computecoin. This is an one-time charge.

- Pay 1 USD - the COTX monthly FlexiMining service fee. It would be waivered for the first 3 months for beta test candidates, and customers would be charged from the fourth month.

- Here are the terms of service for COTX FlexiMining

- The beta test will run on the computecoin production network.

- COTX's partner bonding pool will help the customer to finish stake and enable the mining, so the bonding pool will take a share of your mining reward. Hotspot Owner: Bonding Pool : = 60% : 40% 

 - Hotspot owner should keep your X3 hotspot online; if it is offline for more than 3 consecutive days, CCN reward will be deducted automatically. It is all because CCN needs the mining node could provide stable compute power.

- Customers who have already participated in the FlexiMining - Mysterium mining beta test are also welcome to join in the FlexiMining - CCN mining beta test so that HNT+MYST+CCN can be mined together and tested simultaneously.


Please send an email to, title includes "FlexiMining - CCN mining beta test".

And please provide your X3 hotspot name, address, e.g.,

First come first served, we will close candidates enrollment once we have enough candidates.

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Ronny Holzapfel - June 24, 2022

Restless Fuchsia Pelican


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