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FlexiMining - Support Matrix

FlexiMining - Support Matrix

This Support Matrix is to highlight which 3rd party mining apps are supported and to be released by the COTX FlexiMining, and which hardware models are supported by the COTX FlexiMining.



FlexiMining Support Matrix

We support hardware: 

 COTX Hotspots (Helium) X3, X5, X3 Alcrymist Edition
Other Brands Hotspots (Helium) SenseCAP M1, V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, MNTD Goldspot, Panther X1, Helium Hotspot OG
Other Brands Hotspots (Helium) Bobcat, Midas, in internal testing...
Standard Raspberry Pi 4B released; in beta now
X86 hardware - COTX FlexiMining Node v1 to be released - Q1 2023
X86 hardware - COTX FluxNode-CUMULUS to be released - Q4 2022


Now, we support decentralized mining apps:

FlexiMining Package Includes all the following apps
 IoT Helium miner (only on Helium hotspot)
dApp, Web 3.0 Mysterium (VPN), computecoin (web 3.0 infrastructure), PreSearch (search engine);
decentralized Cloud Storage Storj, ScPrime
Network Bandwidth sharing EarnApp, honeygain, IPRoyal, Peer2Profit, Meson Network(in beta)



Raspberry Pi 4B does not support Helium miner and computecoin.

Meson Network has been released in beta test.

Flux will be released soon. 
To run Flux, your hardware must have 8GB memory, and over 220GB SSD. If you run Flux on a 4GB memory hardware, then you maybe can not run other apps. Flux can not run on Helium Hotspot.

IPRoyal Pawns Just Became,

Computecoin, CCN, can only be installed on Helium Hotspot.


Installation Manuals:

Mysteriumcomputecoin-CCN, EarnAppStorj FlexiMining User Manual 
ScPrimePreSearchMeson Network FlexiMining User Manual 2
honeygainIPRoyalPeer2Profit; FlexiMining Alcrymist Apps User Manual 
SenseCAP M1, V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, MNTD Goldspot, Helium Hotspot OG FlexiMining Supports Other Brands' Hotspots Manual 
COTX FlexiMining© User Manual (Home Assistant)
COTX FlexiMining support Raspberry Pi 4B (RPI) - manual
COTX FlexiMining© User Manual (TRAFFMONETIZER) in development...



Estimated Passive Income - Total USD 30 per hardware per month

COTX FlexiMining Package - Attractive Total Passive Incomes - est USD 30 per month

How to get higher passive incomes from the FlexiMining?

FlexiMining Apps in Internal Testing, to be released for beta soon...

WireGuard VPN





Apps In Tech Evaluation:


Crust (in research)








Contact Us

Let us know your thoughts, of if you want to cooperate with COTX on FlexiMining.


or COTX Discord community, #FlexiMining channel

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