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Blog: FlexiMining© as a Service - benefits the Helium Community

Blog: FlexiMining© as a Service - benefits the Helium Community

[1] More decentralized ecosystems around the Helium Network

As the Helium network keeps growing, there are over 890,000 devices online on the mainnet, forming a global decentralized network and information infrastructure. This blog focuses on how to expand further and strengthen the backbone of the Helium network and serve even better the Helium hotspot owners, Helium community users, and how to derive new services.

Through COTX's development and collaboration with our partners, we have launched the FlexiMining cloud service, which encapsulates apps of decentralized third-party services and runs on COTX's hotspot product. The benefits are obvious:
- Not only does it keep the Helium network independent, but it also takes advantage of the high hardware specifications of hotspot products and increases the overall earnings of hotspot owners.
- The ability to run multiple mining software simultaneously motivates the hotspot owners to keep their hotspots online, even when the Helium network fluctuates, which increases the network devices’ online time, thus improving the availability of the whole Helium network.


As a result, COTX FlexiMining has been well received by the Helium community. From this, we can see that the market is gradually evolving into an ecosystem with the Helium network as the backbone, serving more decentralized services with Hotspot as the information infrastructure.

Popular decentralized services, which can adapt to the Helium Hotspot platform as a FlexiMining candidate, include:

- Network bandwidth sharing, e.g., honeygain, Mysterium.

- Network storage sharing,e.g., storj, ScPrime.

- Compute resource sharing, e.g, Computecoin.

- It also includes streaming services, distributed telecommunication services, etc.

We believe the Helium network has the great advantage that it has established a global, open, and low-power consumption information infrastructure, including computing, network interconnection, blockchain management, IoT service, and an ecosystem participated by many manufacturers / hotspot owners and has consistent software and hardware specifications.

On the other hand, many decentralized service providers, such as computecoin, Mysterium, honeygain, storj, etc., they need to expand their decentralized infrastructures to extend their service portfolio and coverage.

Therefore, COTX FlexiMining emerged to quickly integrate the infrastructure resources from the Helium network, providing infrastructure resources for other decentralized services. At the same time, FlexiMining offers more earning sources for the Hotspot Owners in the Helium community. So, FlexiMining benefits multiple communities.


[2] COTX FlexiMining - benefits the COTX Community

First of all, COTX FlexiMining serves the COTX Hotspot owners. We are building an ecosystem with COTX X3, X5, X1, and X1 Lite as the hardware platform and COTX IoT Cloud as the cloud service platform.

Our fundamental ideas include:

- Keep the core functions of the Helium network wholly isolated from other parts.

- Fully utilize the computing capacity of COTX Hotspot and the low power consumption to allow Hotspot owners to earn more.

- For IoT Sensor vendors, provide fast and flexible access, testing and sales channels.

- Provide collaboration opportunities for the IoT open source communities of enthusiasts, app developers, and software companies to accelerate community innovation.

Note: Some cloud service products and the FlexiMining apps are under development and testing.



[3] COTX FlexiMining - benefits the whole Helium Community

FlexiMining can serve not only COTX Hotspots, but also Helium Hotspots produced by other manufacturers, which can bring more earnings to more Helium Hotspot owners. COTX can also work with other Helium Hotspot manufacturers and jointly improve the resource utilization of the Helium network infrastructure.

FlexiMining for non-COTX Helium Hotspot Owner


We encourage Helium community participants, or other hotspot manufacturers, to distribute microcode versions compatible with COTX's cloud services, for example, Flexmining Compatibility firmware, and any hotspot owner is free to install these Flexmining Compatibility firmware. This allows other brands of hotspots to access COTX - FlexiMining Helium Community Service, a cloud-based tool that COTX specifically provides to non-COTX branded hotspots with FlexiMining Cloud service. It enables OTA and activation of third-party mining apps supported by FlexiMining.

Note: These features are already in development and testing. 

FlexiMining for Other Hotspot Makers

COTX can also cooperate with other Helium Hotspot manufacturers to package the software of the third-party mining app supported by COTX FlexiMining and provide it to other Helium Hotspot manufacturers in the form of software licenses. Then these Hotspot manufacturers offer it to their hotspot users:



Other Hotspot Makers can choose COTX - FlexiMining Helium Community Service to manage their customers' FlexiMining App, or develop their own cloud-based services to help their customers to manage FlexiMining apps. COTX cloud services can provide the interface to other Hotspot Makers. 

Note: These features are already in development and testing.

[4] The Vision of COTX FlexiMining

COTX FlexiMining is a vital cloud service product for the COTX community and a platform to serve the Helium community. We hope that COTX FlexiMining will also become a platform to serve other decentralized services such as computecoin, etc. COTX FlexiMining's Vision also includes that we will gradually integrate the computing and networking resources from the open-source community and provide them to decentralized service providers. For example, turn separated compute hardware (Raspberry Pi, SBCs, etc.) into a stable, high density, always online compute platform, a unified compute cell in a decentralized network.


[5] FlexiMining Partnership

We seek broader collaboration with:

- Software developers, using COTX FlexiMining to encapsulate more and higher earning decentralized service apps and crypto mining apps and provide them to our customers.

- App Makers and management software developers, using FlexiMining encapsulated services to develop third-party monitoring software, dashboards, and mobile apps.

- Other Hotspot manufacturers, cooperate with COTX to provide more mining features to Helium hotspot owners.

- Helium community participants, providing more COTX-compatible software firmware, allowing more hotspot owners to use FlexiMining-encapsulated third-party apps.

- Decentralized service providers, cooperate with COTX FlexiMining to optimize versions and improve earnings while researching how to use Helium, a global decentralized infrastructure better, to provide more customized services, such as telecommunication, stream media, low power mining, etc.

- More feedback from the community, helps us to keep optimizing our products and services.

If you have a good suggestion or would like to seek cooperation with COTX, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at:














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