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How to get higher passive incomes from the FlexiMining?

How to get higher passive incomes from the FlexiMining?

Based on our testing and FlexiMining users' feedback, Here are some guidelines and suggestions for FlexiMining users to get higher passive incomes. 

Install as many FlexiMining apps as possible to get promising compound passive income. Different apps in different countries and network conditions may bring you various rewards, but the more you install, the higher income you will have. Based on our tests, installing 7-8 apps in one COTX X3 works fine. Get a FlexiMing Package to reduce the initial FlexiMining cost.

- Keep your device always online. Some mining apps like ScPrime, storj, and  computecoin all punish you if you constantly offline your device; this would seriously impact your reward, so try your best to keep your device always online, get a UPS for your hotspot and WIFI Router if you can.

- Prepare an external hard drive with decent capacity. ScPrime, Stroj, and  Meson Network all need an external hard drive, so get a big capacity one. They all give you better rewards if you share bigger capacity. Suggest at least getting a 2TB or an even bigger one. By the way, you only need to get one big hard drive since these FlexiMining apps can share one hard drive.

- Get a higher level of license. Apps like ScPrime does need you to buy a license to get the reward. So if you pay $450 to get a full license, your reward level would be higher than if you spend $99 for a basic license. If you keep your device always online and meet ScPrime's requirement at the end of the contract, these fees are refundable.

Install multiple instances in one placeYou can install multiple Flux, ScPrime, Storj app instances in one place. For Flux, you can install eight instances under one public IP. Storj would reduce the reward level for your additional instances, but ScPrime and Flux won't reduce the reward level on your additional instances as long as you can provide enough network bandwidth and public IPs. Please check "App Installation limitations" in the FlexiMining FAQ.

Apps - Simple and Easy to set up. MYSTERIUM, EARNAPP, HONEYGAIN, IPROYAL, PEER2PROFIT, TRAFFMONETIZER, these apps do not need stake and license fee, as long as you have stable broadband and public IP address (fixed or dynamic). You can install and start getting passive income immediately, which is simple and easy. 

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