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How to install FlexiMining App on your device?

How to install FlexiMining App on your device?

(Option 1) Purchase FlexiMining App through COTX Hotspot Cloud Service.

Step1: Sign up, log in COTX Hotspot Cloud Service
If beta test: log in our Test Environment. These two systems have the same login credential.  

Step2: In "Dashboard": create or choose an existing walletspace

Step3In "Hotspot":
- add your hotspot or FlexiMining compatible hardware into the walletspace;
Or, choose an existing device you've already added; Check FlexiMining Support Matrix for what hardware we support.
- Choose the mining app you wish to install on your device;
- Click the little shopping cart icon next to the app name, then finish the payment if needed;
- When payment done, Click the app name start to install the app.

COTX Hotspot Cloud Service Demo Video

 User Manuals for installing FlexiMining apps in your device:

Mysteriumcomputecoin-CCN, EarnAppStorj FlexiMining User Manual 
ScPrimePreSearchMeson Network FlexiMining User Manual 2
honeygainIPRoyalPeer2Profit; FlexiMining Alcrymist Apps User Manual 
SenseCAP M1, V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, MNTD Goldspot, Helium Hotspot OG FlexiMining Supports Other Brands' Hotspots Manual 
COTX FlexiMining© User Manual (Home Assistant)
COTX FlexiMining support Raspberry Pi 4B (RPI) - manual
COTX FlexiMining© User Manual (TRAFFMONETIZER)



FlexiMining Introduction and Installation Demo Video - English.

 FlexiMining Introduction and Installation Demo Video.- 中文

 COTX Hotspot Cloud Service Demo Video

  Other Brands' Hotspots - Flash COTX firmware to join FlexiMining -  Demo Video


 FlexiMining App -  Mysterium - Installation Demo Video

  FlexiMining App -  Honeygain - Installation Demo Video

 FlexiMining App -  Meson Network - Installation Demo Video

 FlexiMining App -  Prepare external hard drive Demo Video

FlexiMining App - Storj - Installation Demo Video

FlexiMining App - IPRoyal - Installation Demo Video

FlexiMining App - Computecoin CCN - Installation Demo Video

 FlexiMining App - Peer2Profit - Installation Demo Video

  FlexiMining App - EarnApp - Installation Demo Video


(Option 2) Purchase FlexiMining App through COTX Store.

- Step 1. Choose and place an order for a FlexiMining app directly from COTX Store; Please add a note to your order or email to let us know your hotspot name so that we can enable the FlexiMining app for your hotspot.

Step 2. We notify you by email once we finished setup.

- Step 3. You log in to COTX Hotspot Cloud Service, start to install the app just like the Option1.


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Yves Jacobs - March 26, 2023

Hey, I currently have two legit helium hotspots that are on the deny list. Is it possible to run a flexi mining packet on this? One is from Browan MerryIOT the other is a Midas miner. Thanks for your reply!

Kind regards,

Yves Jacobs

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