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Why should you pick COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS?

Why should you pick COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS?

By Saad Akhtar, March 5th, 2023

Lets begin with a little introduction about FLUX…

Flux is a blockchain protocol that aims to provide a scalable, user-friendly, and highly efficient solution for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Flux utilizes a unique consensus algorithm called "Proof-of-Flux" that combines elements of both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to achieve a high degree of security and network efficiency. The Flux blockchain also supports a range of advanced features, such as interoperability with other blockchains and privacy features. With its focus on scalability and usability, Flux has the potential to become a key player in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.


So then what exactly is a FluxNode and why would I want one……

 A FluxNode is a computer that participates in the Flux blockchain network by validating transactions, maintaining a copy of the blockchain, and relaying information to other nodes on the network. By running a FluxNode, users can help to secure the network and contribute to the overall decentralization of the ecosystem. FluxNodes come in different varieties, ranging from full nodes that download and store the entire blockchain, to light nodes that rely on other nodes for data. Running a FluxNode requires some technical expertise, but it can also be a rewarding experience for those interested in blockchain technology and decentralized systems.

Running a Flux node can offer several benefits to the user and the Flux blockchain network, including:

  1. Contributing to decentralization: By running a Flux node, users can help to distribute the workload of processing transactions and validating blocks across the network. This reduces the risk of centralization and makes the network more resilient to attacks.
  2. Increased security: FluxNodes play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the blockchain. By validating transactions and blocks, nodes help to prevent double-spending and other malicious activities.
  3. Supporting the network: Running a Flux node supports the overall health and growth of the Flux blockchain ecosystem. Nodes help to ensure that the network remains stable and efficient, which can attract more users and developers to the platform.
  4. High rewards: Running a FluxNode can also lead toa high financial rewards. Flux networks offer incentives for nodes that participate by hosting a FluxN Since the FluxNode will host dApps (Decentralized Applications) it will collect additional rewards for providing this Web 3.0 hosting service. You can check FluxNode reward HERE. Also you can choose to install EIGHT FluxNodes in one location to get higher passive income rewards.

Overall, running a FluxNode can be a valuable experience for those interested in blockchain technology and decentralized systems. It can help to promote the principles of decentralization, security, and community involvement that are at the core of the Flux blockchain.


What about all these requirements of hosting a Flux Node…..

Flux has some pretty straightforward requirements for being a node host. For obvious reasons, node reliability is the most important. Let's go over what all it takes to own a node:

 Flux offers few different tiered options for hosting a node. Each tier (CUMULUS, NIMBUS, STRATUS) require specific compute power, internet bandwidth and amount of FLUX collateral to be locked into the node.

For example. The COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS requires the host to run the node on hardware that can offer a minimum of 2 CPU cores with 4 threads, 8GB of RAM, 220GB SSD/NVME disk, 25Mbps download & 25Mbps upload. The system must benchmark the SSD at a minimum of 180 MB/s DWS (Disk Write Speed) and minimum 240 EPS (Events Per Second – CPU).

These are the minimum limits required for a host machine to pass the lowest tier CUMULUS benchmarks. Not to forget that there is a 1000 Flux coin collateral which is required to stand CUMULUS tier node which will be held in the Flux Self Custody Wallet called “ZelCore”. Flux collateral is refundable once you decided to stop mining $Flux crypto.


What is COTX offering to the Flux community, that I just couldn't do on my own…..

Flux is a Web 3.0 blockchain project, not a hardware vendor. As such Flux does offer its software to run Flux nodes at no cost to the user. All this sounds fine and dandy however the complexity of installing the Flux node software, passing hardware and software requirements for a CUMULUS, NIMBUS or STRATUS tier is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea….

To setup a DIY Flux node, you will need some level of technical knowledge which is a few steps beyond a normal desktop user who maybe friendly with a double click install to get apps. You will need some basic familiarity of the Linux operating system, specifically Ubuntu or Debian along with a dash of terminal/command line knowledge for executing installation routines.

Now, granted that Flux has created a very nice terminal based installation script which makes it fairly straight forward to setup a Flux node however what is straight forward and fairly easy to me, doesn't necessarily have to be 1,2,3 to you.

COTX has developed an extremely easy to deploy and use Flux node. We currently offer Flux CUMULUS node tier hardware only however we plan on releasing higher tier bench-marking hardware very soon.


So then, how is COTX CUMULUS Flux Node any better than other vendors….


COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS has a few different distinct advantages over other vendors: 

  • Cloud Managed:
    • COTX CUMULUS Flux node is cloud managed via the COTX Cloud Service. This will allow you to manage/run/do maintenance on your node from anywhere in the world without having to go through the hassle of pressing some BT button, being in close proximity then having to use some specific app to manage. Our Flux node can be managed from any device without the need to any of those unnecessary steps. Just fire up in your favorite internet browser, login and boom.
  • Easy to Setup:
    • Setting up a Flux node has never been this easy. Upon accessing your Flux node via our cloud service ( you will be able to simply copy/paste collateral/wallet information from your Zelcore wallet and submit, our easy setup will handle the rest. Once done, just press the “Start’ button in your Zelcore wallet (in Flux Nodes section) and you are done.

  • COTX Cloud Multi-Node Capable:
    • Our cloud service makes COTX CUMULUS Fluxnode, multi-node capable. You can deploy up to 8 CUMULUS nodes on a single internet connection, as such COTX Cloud service allows configuring up to 8 Flux nodes in tandem. To clarify this, each COTX CUMULUS Flux node can only host a single node however 8 separate devices can be connected to a single network then configured via COTX Cloud to offer the multi-node service.That means higher passive income for you.
  • “Auto-Magic” Updates:
    • COTX CUMULUS Flux node includes automatic updates. Device software will check for the latest Flux software release and if a new release is found, it will go ahead complete a self update and then reboot. Our automatic update method will NEVERmake your node loose its rank in the reward queue.
  • Versatile hardware:
    • COTX CUMULUS Flux node is powered by a very small (no bigger than your turkey sandwich) device. The unit offers an industrial fan-less design with a full metal body that acts as an end to end heatsink. You will not feel shy to show off this little beast whether its on your desktop, mounted on the wall in your IT closet or even just sitting behind your TV.
  • Power House:
    • Our Flux node is based off of an actual micro server architecture. Do not be fooled by its size as it definitely does not matter when it comes to COTX CUMULUS Flux node. Our little beast is running a full X86/64 CPU (Apollo Lake N3450) 4 Cores, comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM, built in 32GB EMMC storage, dual gigabit ethernet adapters. This device is built for higher performance in a small package.
  • Power Friendly:
    • COTX CUMULUS Flux node was developed with environment friendly/ green initiative in mind. Being a fan-less design it offers 0db noise while consuming a minuscule 6 watts of power. Just imagine running this node at your home or office while being at rest and assured that it will have absolutely minimal effect on your electric bill. For an average American home with power cost of $0.14 per kilowatt hour, COTX CUMULUS Flux node will set you back right around $7.00 per year. Yes you read that right $7.00 per year….! Take that to your power company……
  • COTX unique Fast Synctechnology:
    • COTX unique “Fast Sync” technology allows for Flux node to sync to Flux blockchain in minutes rather than hours or days. We have developed a blockchain synchronization method which makes the whole process an absolute breeze.
  • Heroic Support:
    • Should you run into any issues with your COTX CUMULUS Flux node, our heroic support will be there to help you through the way. COTX support is extremely easy to reach, has many different avenues to get a hold of support engineers, thrives on fast and friendly support with customer satisfaction in mind.
  • COTX is Flux's official hardware vendor and global partner.



Wrapping it all up tightly with a blue ribbon…...

The current crypto market has been experiencing a period of growth and increased mainstream adoption. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, had reached new all-time highs earlier in 2021, and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Binance Coin had also seen significant gains.

However, the crypto market had also experienced significant volatility, with prices fluctuating rapidly and sometimes dramatically. Regulatory concerns and environmental issues related to crypto mining had also raised questions about the long-term sustainability of the market. Crypto mining has several environmental implications that must be considered when evaluating the sustainability of the crypto industry. Efforts to transition to renewable energy sources and improve the efficiency of mining hardware could help mitigate some of these environmental concerns.


COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS offers an environment friendly/ green initiative supporting blockchain solution which is highly profitable and versatile. With crypto prices on the decline, the average Joe (Node host/owner) can only be kept interested in supporting a project if it offers some level of benefit to the node host/owner themselves. Most Flux node solutions available in the market are equally well designed however none offer the low power consumption which results in operating a Flux node, profitable for the host. COTX CUMULUS Flux node stands out as an answer to a prayer for many of those same hosts/owners who wish to keep supporting the Flux Network while generating some form of passive income for their investment.




(Disclaimer) This write up is the authors view and opinion about Flux Network & COTX




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