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COTX 7dBi LoRa Antenna - 92cm - 900~930 MHz

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Electronics AccessoriesThe COTX 7dBi LoRa Antennas is a high-performance omnidirectional monopole. To choose the appropriate antenna with regards to the LoRa frequency of your region, please refer to the TTN's guideand/or the Regional Parameters Documentation provided by the LoRa Alliance.

Note:  If you need to order Antenna Bracket Kit to install the antenna, please choose model: COTX Antenna Bracket Kit - #25.


Key Features
A. Electrical Characteristics

Frequency:  900~930 MHz

V.S.W.R.:  <= 2.0 @ 900~930 MHz

Antenna Gain:  7.0±1.6 dBi @ 900~930Mhz

Efficiency(%):  >=60 % @ 900~930MHz

Radiation Pattern:  Omni-Directional

Max Input Power:  >= 2 W

Polarization:  Linear polarization/Vertical

Impedance:  50 Ohm

B. Material & Mechanical Characteristics

Material of Radiator:  CU

Material of Plastic:  FRP (white light)

Cable Type:  RG-141 50 Ω

Connector Type:  Type N-Male

C. Environmental

Operation Temperature: - 40 ˚C ~ + 65 ˚C

Storage Temperature:  - 40 ˚C ~ + 65 ˚C

Antenna Color Storage life:  2 year


Product Inclusions

1pc Antenna


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