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COTX - FluxNode

COTX - FluxNode

Flux - Decentralized Web 3.0 The Next Generation Computational Network. 

COTX Networks is now part of FLUXLABS.

Youtube Video - COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS.

Flux - Decentralized Web 3.0 The Next Generation Computational Network. Flux is the new generation of scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure. Simply develop, manage, and spawn your applications on multiple servers at once. Ready for Web 3.0, dApps, and more...

COTX - FluxNode, in Beta now, please feel free to ORDER NOW. COTX combines COTX IOT Cloud service and FluxOS software, presenting this brand new FluxNode. High performance and small power consumption COTX - FluxNode brings you excellent expandability and serviceability. COTX Flux Node setup is as simple as; ready (fund zelcore), set (input your node info) and go (start node). No complicated setups to run, no dependency software to install. We make it easy for you to stand up a Flux Node while providing true decentralization at an amazingly low 6w power draw.

Brings you decent passive income and ROI

This product only support FluxOS and Flux dApps. When you run FluxOS and dApps, you can get cryto rewards from Flux and also from some of the dApps like PreSearch. Check Flux dApps so see which ones you can get more rewards.

All Flux software has been pre-installed, even includes pre-synced Flux blockchain.
- Excellent lower power consumption, ~ USD 7 electricity cost per YEAR.
- Super fast Flux blockchain sync, by minutes, NOT by hours/days.
- Super easy to install and manage, all managed from the cloud. You need to know 0 knowledge of Linux commands.
- Very affordable, USD 239.2 = FluxNode- CUMULUS device includes SSD drive.
- Great high deployment density. You can install 8 x Nodes under one public IP.
- High Passive income and ROI, Flux collateral is refundable after closing the contract. 

COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS installation process


COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS Device - User Manual

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 COTX is Flux Partner

 COTX FluxNode


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