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COTX FlexiMining© Package

Original price $13.20 - Original price $55.00
Original price
$13.20 - $55.00
Current price $15.00

COTX FlexiMining© Package (One Year Service Package)

This COTX FlexiMining Package is to help you to install, manage various COTX FlexiMining apps into your hardware (Helium Hotspot, COTX FlexiMining Node v1, or your own Raspberry Pi hardware, etc.), So the customer can get better passive income through FlexiMining. Please check COTX FlexiMining Support Matrix to see which apps, and which hardware can be supported.

Once you purchase this package, you can use any apps we supported during your service period (One Year).

This is a subscription product. It is un-refundable. When you launch your first app, your service period starts to count and the service period is one year



The Unit price is the FlexiMining price per Hardware, one year service.

This Unit price does not include computecoin - CCN enablement fee (10 USD) which is one time charge; You have to pay it separately.

Please choose your Service Time (payment cycle): Quarterly or Yearly;

Please choose your Price Plan, e.g. how many hotspot you plan to enable FlexiMining;

For example, if you have 15 Helium hotspots need to enable FlexiMining, pay by quarterly, please choose:

 - Plan: 11-20 pcs Hotspot, and Quantity 15

 - Service Time: Quarterly;

 - If you plan to install computecoin-CCN on your hotspot, please pay COTX FlexiMining© - computecoin CCN enablement fee separately. Quantity also is 15;


Install Apps

Once you place order, please provide us all your hardware names and addresses which you wish to enable FlexiMining, Example, for Helium Hotspots:

Once we receive your order, COTX will arrange a setup and notify you. It would generally take 3-4 days; then you can start to login COTX IOT Cloud to start to install the FlexiMining apps.


Please read through COTX FlexiMining© Terms of Service. before you place the order. If you place an order, you fully agree with the COTX FlexiMining terms of Services.

The Service Charge is not refundable. If you want to cancel the FlexiMining© service, please contact us at: