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COTX FlexiMining

FlexiMining, anyone can be a crypto miner to get multiple passive incomes from one low-power consumption device.

Fleximining is a cloud service from COTX that works with compatible hardware devices, e.g., Helium hotspot, Raspberry Pi SBC, or X86 SBC. FlexiMining runs multiple web 3.0 mining apps on a low-power open device, making it easy for anyone to get considerable passive income from one device. FlexiMining Compatible Hardware and apps - check COTX FlexiMining Support Matrix.

Start FlexiMining NOW!  Invest ~ USD $700, est. passive income ~ USD$30 monthly


You have stable broadband internet access;

You invest ~total USD $700 initially;

Step 1

1. Purchase a FlexiMing compatible hardware: COTX X3 hotspot + FlexiMining Package Combo

2. If you have already got a FlexiMining compatible device, purchase a FlexiMining Package for your device, it includes all apps.

Or, you can login  COTX Hotspot Cloud Service pay for individual app.

Step 2

Login COTX Hotspot Cloud Service, start to install FlexiMining apps.

You may need to pay some enablement fee, stake, etc.

Demo video - install FlexiMining apps.

Step 3

Keep your FlexiMining online and running.

Check your FlexiMining Rewards and cash out.


FlexiMining FAQ: - For Reference: FlexiMining Investment Plan Samples. ROI Analysis. 

FlexiMining Features & Benefits

Easy to use: Easy to Install; You don need to know anything about OS command.

Multiple apps support: We support 0ver 10 web 3.0 apps, more apps are on the way.

High total Passive Income and ROI: The more apps you install, the more reward you get.

Multifunction: Support VPN server, Home-Assistant software, etc., 

Remotely manage everything: Everything managed through cloud.

Open and Future-proof: Eventually we support Helium Hotspot, X86 SBC, Raspberry Pi.

Support other brands' Helium hotspots: Except COTX Helium hotspot, X3, X5, X3 Alcrymist Edition, FlexiMining also be supported on other brands' Helium hotspot: SenseCAP M1, V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, MNTD Goldspot, Helium Hotspot OG, Panther X1.

Green: Our FlexiMining solution power consumption typically less than 10W.



FlexiMining Terms of Service

FlexiMining Introduction Video

How to install FlexiMining Apps?

COTX FlexiMining Package - Attractive Total Passive Incomes - est over USD 30 per month

How to get higher passive incomes from the FlexiMining?

FlexiMining FAQ:

- For Reference: FlexiMining Investment Plan Samples
- FlexiMining Installation Prerequisite
- How to connect your FlexiMining device?
- How to install FlexiMining Apps?
- How to choose a FlexiMining App?
- How many Apps can I install on one FlexiMining compatible device?
- How can I get tech support for FlexiMining?
- When can I receive the FlexiMining device at once I place an order?




  • COTX FlexiMining© Package - For COTX Hotspots
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    Original price $13.20 - Original price $15.00
    Original price
    $13.20 - $15.00
    Current price $13.20

    COTX FlexiMining© Package - For COTX Hotspots

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    COTX FlexiMining© Package - For COTX Hotspots This package lets you quickly turn your COTX Hotspots into a powerful, low power consumption multi-m...

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    Original price $13.20 - Original price $15.00
    Original price
    $13.20 - $15.00
    Current price $13.20
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