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FlexiMining© Service Fee - EarnApp

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This is a quarterly subscription fee for FlexiMining© 3rd Party Mining App on COTX Full hotspot- EarnApp.

What is FlexiMining?

EarnApp: EarnApp for users is a decentralized app that allows users to generate money from their app by sharing their bandwidth. EarnApp for developers is an SDK that developers can add to their apps  to monetize their apps. Both use the same engine and operate similarly.

By purchasing this service, you can log in to our COTX Hotspot Cloud Service and easily install EarnApp app into your compatible hardware device to get passive income. 


FlexiMining, anyone can be a crypto miner to get multiple passive incomes from one low-power consumption device.

Fleximining is a cloud service from COTX that works with compatible hardware devices, e.g., Helium hotspot, Raspberry Pi SBC, or X86 SBC. FlexiMining runs multiple web 3.0 mining apps on a low-power open device, making it easy for anyone to get considerable passive income from one device. FlexiMining Compatible Hardware and apps - check COTX FlexiMining Support Matrix.

Demo Video

EarnApp installation demo video



This product includes three months FlexiMining© service fee for one mining app. And this is a recurring service charge. We charge you every three months until you cancel the service.

Please read through COTX FlexiMining© Terms of Service.

Please read through EarnApp Terms of Service.

If you place an order, you fully agree with the COTX FlexiMining terms of Services.

The service Charge is not refundable. If you want to cancel the FlexiMining© service, please contact us at:
This is an intangible product.
Please add a note to your order or email to let us know your hotspot name so that we can enable the FlexiMining app for your hotspot. We will notify you by email once we finish setup (usually 2-3 working days). Then, you log into COTX Hotspot Cloud Service start to install the app.


FlexiMining Features & Benefits

Easy to use: Easy to Install; You don need to know anything about OS command.

Multiple apps support: We support 0ver 10 web 3.0 apps, more apps are on the way.

High total Passive Income and ROI: The more apps you install, the more reward you get.

Multifunction: Support VPN server, Home-Assistant software, etc., 

Remotely manage everything: Everything managed through cloud.

Open and Future-proof: Eventually we support Helium Hotspot, X86 SBC, standalone Raspberry Pi.

Support other brands' Helium hotspots: Except COTX Helium hotspot, X3X5X3 Alcrymist Edition, FlexiMining also be supported on other brands' Helium hotspot: SenseCAP M1, V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, MNTD Goldspot, Helium Hotspot OG.

Green: Our FlexiMining solution power consumption typically less than 10W.



FlexiMining Terms of Service

Manuals for installing apps

FlexiMining FAQ