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COTX Indoor Full Helium Hotspot COTX-X3 - Antenna COMBO

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COTX-X3 is an indoor full Hotspot compatible with the Helium Network. We offer this X3 Combo here, which allows you to quickly set up an overall X3 working environment, thus saving on the total cost of ownership.


Support COTX FlexiMining 

As a full Helium Hotspot, COTX X3 has great hardware specification and compute power, it supports COTX FlexiMining, to run multiple 3rd party mining apps in X3. FlexiMining can help you to get more passive income, e.g. computecoin, Mysterium, EarnApp, Storj ...

Please check the FlexiMining Support Matrix.


COTX Combo Includes

1 pc COTX X3 Indoor Hotspot

1 pc COTX X3 Cooler 

1 pc COTX Pulsar Cable, 2m length

1 pc COTX Antenna Bracket Kit

1 pc COTX 8dBi LoRa Antenna - 130cm - 858~878 MHz  if you choose X3 EU868 or 1 pc COTX 8dBi LoRa Antenna - 120cm - 900~930 MHz  if you choose X3 US915;

Note: the antenna would be shipped Black or White randomly.

Because the antenna is longer than the standard product, it would be shipped to the customer in a parcel; Hotspot and other accessories would be in a separate package. So the customer may receive them at different times.

The following is only the connection schematic, not the actual product, part of the picture content from the Internet

COTX X3 Advantages

1) Based on the Raspberry PI open platform, COTX Hotspot is expandable and practical, offers high expandability. 

2) Fast in synchronization.  By using our new web management tools, COTX Hotspot supports faster sync to blockchain than normal synchronization technology.

3) COTX Hotspot supports auto synchronizes with Helium official updates.

4) Stable and reliable.

5) Easy troubleshooting, With a status screen on the hotspot, users can easily check hotspot status; and if you use COTX web management tool to check Hotspot status, you could get hotspot's real status much quicker than other technologies.



If you plan to choose COTX POE Splitter for X3, please be noted:

Existing X3 has micro USB power interface, so you should choose COTX USB0503G POE Splitter.

If your X3 or other type of COTX Hotspts have Type-C power interface, you should choose COTX TYPE-C0503G POE Splitter.

X3 includes filter inside.



Blog: How to set up your Helium network?

COTX X3 Features and Specification

COTX X3 Datasheet

COTX X3 User Manual

COTX X3 Hotspot Web Management User Guide

COTX Hotspot Cloud Service User Manual

COTX Hotspot App install X3 video


Extra Shipping Cost

Please be noted, in the following circumstances, after you place the order, our service staff may contact you directly ask you to pay the extra shipping costs on top of the amount you have already paid:
#1. Your order's overall weight exceeds 30KG.