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COTX Petfon - Lora Tracker Only

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This product includes 1 x Petfon GSP Tracker, this is for you to tracking anything you like under the Helium Network. This product only contains one Petfon GPS Tracker, does not include Petfon Controller. This Petfon GPS Tracker can send GPS information through the Helium Network.

If you plan to use COTX Device App (Android, Apple), please choose variant:  - Petfon GPS Tracker for COTX Device App

If you plan to use Trackpac App, please choose variant:  - Petfon GPS Tracker for Trackpac App


COTX has upgraded the Petfon GPS Tracker to let it could communicate through the Helium network to report the GPS Tracker's position to your cellphone App. Now you could track your pet in any area that has Helium coverage. Even better, since Helium is a global network, now you could use your Petfon GPS Tracker to track many things: kids, older people, bikes, vehicles... Put it in the bag, hang it on the trolley, leave it in the car, in your suitcase... anyway, you can find them on your cellphone App.



Petfon product information

Petfon Tracker - Helium Only Mode - Manual

Petfon GPS Tracker - Datasheet

The People's Open Lab - Petfon Test Report


Combo include:

1 pcs Petfon GPS Tracker

1 pc silica gel case

1 pc charge cable


You can pick up a Petfon Dog Collar for your Petfon Tracker, this is a very convenient combination for your pet tracking.


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