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The People's Open Lab

The People's Open Lab: Anyone can do online, real-time tests for IoT(Internet of Things) solutions at any time, for free!

Sep 09, 2022, COTX released The People's Open Lab into beta testing. We welcome all Helium community users, IOT solution developers, Lora device developers, and Lora device vendors to try The People's Open Lab for free.


Login The People's Open Lab (Beta environment) as a guest HERE, for Free!

For guests, user name:          password:  Test1234


Demo Video

The People's Open Lab Demo Video.


Anyone can do real-time tests through the Helium network for Lora devices at any time.

The People's Open Lab can support online testing of Helium compatible Lora devices. For IoT devices incompatible with the Helium network, COTX provides the COTX Lora Data Collector, which can connect non-Lora devices to the Helium network, allowing more IoT devices to transmit data over the Helium network.

Test Helium Network, your devices.

You can test the connectivity and stability of the Helium network. You can see the real-time packets sent to you by the Lora devices. If you plan to develop an IoT solution based on the Helium network, then with the help of the Open Lab, you can start your development work immediately. When Helium supports Class C devices, you can remotely see the Lora device accepting your commands and completing actions in real time.

Test your Apps.

We provide a web interface to display the data transmitted by Lora devices; we also offer the COTX OpenLab App and Trackpac App for you to download. You can use these apps to check the packets sent to you by the Lora devices. Now the Trackpac App supports the Petfon GPS Tracker, and the COTX OpenLab App supports all the Lora devices.

Develop your own App.

If you plan to develop your App for a Helium IoT solution, we can provide you with an OEM version of the COTX OpenLab App. So you can quickly create a mobile app of your own for using various Lora devices on the Helium network.

Simulate any Lora devices, put them always online - Speed up R&D

We also provide the Lora device simulator, a cloud-based software module based on packets from real physical devices. You can fill in your simulated data, trigger the device to send data in real time, and then see your simulated data on the web interface or mobile apps. This way, you can verify the design of your Lora device and speed up your R&D.

Verify you IoT solutions and ideas

Suppose you produce Lora devices or plan to produce a Lora device, you are welcome to contact us. We can add your devices into Open Lab so developers worldwide can test your devices immediately. We can also turn your Lora device design into a sensor simulator so developers can quickly verify your plans and ideas.

Online Test Various IoT solutions and 3rd party AI, analytic software

The Open Lab supports various IoT solutions. Based on IoT solution to organized test resources, so the overall IoT solution is demonstrated through the Open Lab, such as Smart Data Center Solution, Home Security, Smart Device Remote Control, Video Recognition, Voice Recognition, etc. We can also add Third-party AI, data analytic tools, analysis and presentation of device data into the People's Open Lab.


What we can do for you, next?

  • Create Test Channels for device makers;
  • Create Test Channel for IoT projects;
  • Simulate massive deployment IoT solutions;
  • IoT solution performance evaluation;
  • IoT App evaluation;
  • Share your test reports to other stakeholders, sponsors;
  • Embed test report into your device, solution selling page, social medias, etc.;
  • Conduct any Helium, Lora, LoraWAN related product and solution testing;
  • ...

Please feel free to contact us at with any suggestions and feedback.



The People's Open Lab - User Manual


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If you want to add your IoT devices or solutions into the People's Open Lab, please contact us:

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