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COTX Authorized Distributors

SHOPEM BV/ (Netherland )    HeliumHotShop


HNT Service (Romania)           HntService

 Cubify (UK)                             cubify cotx x3


HOTNOR (Norway)             HNT Service


HI GAIN (Lebanon)                  Hi Gain



FASTMINERS (US)                   


Helspot (Poland)                        Helspot


OKDO (UK)                                


Andromeda Crypto Galaxy (Georgia) 


Maxpia ICT Co. Ltd. (South Korea) 


Riki Tech (Australia) 


Boundary Wolf


Miner Makers and Distributors' responsibility to protect Helium network and anti "Gaming" Policy

COTX Networks, as a DeWi approved Helium miner manufacturer, has the responsibility to act ethically to protect the integrity of the Helium network and open community.
As DeWi MOC requested, **COTX and its distributors** are responsible to **proactively reporting** any potential "gamed" deployment by **anyone** who is using COTX Hotspot.

MoC's definition of Gaming activities:
Gaming is defined as any product, processor
service that mines or earns HNT token rewards from the Helium blockchain without providing
unimpeded Helium network coverage and/or data packet routing and throughput. For example,
methods to spoof RSSI levels or attenuate RF signal propagation to fake
network coverage is considered gaming.

If any COTX Partners, Distributors, Customers, employees are involved with gaming activities, COTX would report the gaming cases to DeWi MOC. If anyone violates the MOC regulation, resulting in COTX financial loss, or if COTX is penalized by MOC, or if the gaming activities damage COTX's brand image, COTX will take legal action to seek compensation from the person or organization who violated the MOC regulation.

Use Helium/DeWi related Hotspot products Appropriately

All DeWi/Helium related COTX Hotspot products are manufactured strictly in accordance with DeWi/Helium defined specifications. If the buyer violates DeWi/Helium requirements in the process of installing/configuring/using the COTX product and causes the COTX product to work poorly in performance or the COTX product does not work appropriately, this has nothing to do with the COTX product itself, COTX company will not assume the obligation to return or exchange the product.


Sales Compliance

All Helium project-related Hotspot products sales policies must comply with DeWi and Helium requirements.