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COTX FlexiMining - Terms of Service


The FlexiMining service is to help COTX Hotspot owners run 3rd party mining apps in COTX Hotspot. There is no change in the Helium mining functions.

COTX is not responsible for the crypto mining rewards of any installed third-party mining software. COTX is only responsible for the operability of the third-party crypto mining software on the COTX hotspot hardware platform.

COTX is not responsible for the technical support of the installed third-party crypto mining software. The third-party crypto mining software code comes from a third party, so the hotspot owner should obtain the appropriate technical support directly from the third-party company. A similar situation applies to the Helium Miner software, whose software code is provided by the Helium(the Nova Lab), and the Helium Miner code's technical support is Helium's responsibility.

COTX Hotspot platform resource consumption level by different crypto mining software at specific time points is dynamic. It depends on the hotspot owner's exact physical location, network status, the particular computing tasks assigned by the third-party service, and local laws/regulations. Therefore COTX cannot promise the actual performance of the third-party mining software.

Suppose the hotspot owner simultaneously opens multiple crypto mining software on one COTX hotspot. In that case, the hotspot owner has the right to open and close the third-party mining software anytime. COTX is not responsible for the operational efficiency of the crypto mining software, which the hotspot owner chooses to enable on the COTX Hotspot. The hotspot owner takes full responsibility for these mining apps running efficiencies and rewards.

The services provided by different crypto mining software vary from country to country and region to region. e.g., VPN service is banned in some countries/regions. The hotspot owner takes full legal responsibility for enabling these crypto mining apps in the hotspot owner's country/region; COTX takes no legal obligations.

Once your subscription starts you can't get a refund for any payments you've already made. If you don't want to subscribe anymore, cancel your subscriptionIf you are attempting to cancel and run into technical issues, you must contact us via email ( prior to your subscription renewal.

We charge a monthly service fee. The customer will be billed on the same day the customer enabled the service plan every month. If the service is enabled on the 31st of a month, the service fee will be charged on the 30th of the following month.


COTX Hotspot Cloud Service - Charge Rate

Users choose COTX Hotspot Cloud Service for remote management of heterogeneous Hotspot-branded products. COTX charges a monthly management fee based on the number of hotspot devices the user adds.

Requirement Plan Price
1-10 hotspots Community Free
11 - 20 hotspots Basic 3 USD/month
21 - 50 hotspots Intermediate 5 USD/month
51 - 100 hotspots Advanced 10 USD/month
> 100 hotspots VIP email to


COTX FlexiMining Service - Charge Rate

If the user opens the FlexiMining service function, COTX will automatically charge the service fee on a monthly basis.

If one COTX Hotspot is enabled with one third-party crypto mining software, COTX charges one service fee per month. The monthly service fee is automatically accumulated if a user opens multiple third-party crypto mining software on one COTX hotspot; or if the user opens the mining app on multiple COTX hotspots.

- For example, the monthly FlexiMining service fee is 1 USD/month for mining app A, 2.5 USD/ month for another mining app B. So if a user chooses to enable mining app A on two COTX hotspots, the total FlexiMining service fee for that user is 2 USD/month. If the user chooses to enable both mining app A & B on one hotspot, the total FlexiMining service fee for that user is 3.5 USD/month.

Users may terminate a FlexiMining crypto mining app at any time by simply notifying COTX at
All FlexiMining service fees are non-refundable after collection.

If the user defaults on the monthly service fee for the FlexiMining service, COTX has the right to terminate the FlexiMining service. e.g., Not provide information on the running status of the crypto mining app and resource consumption information; pursue the user for payment, and stop technical support for the crypto mining app upgrades.

 FlexiMining monthly charge rate:

FlexiMining App Description Price
Mysterium - MYST 1 MYST app per hotspot, per month 1 USD
computecoin - CCN 1 CCN app per hotspot, per month 1 USD

The monthly FlexiMining service fee for each third-party mining software may change in response to market factors, primarily based on the value of its cryptocurrency. COTX will publish the change when needed.
For example, if the value of one cryptocurrency increases significantly, the FlexiMining service fee may increase. If the value of that cryptocurrency drops significantly, FlexiMining service fees may be adjusted downward accordingly.

FlexiMining - computecoin - CCN

When enabling CCN crypto mining, the hotspot owners choose COTX to help complete the onboarding/stake process, COTX needs to on behalf of CCN to collect a one-time onboarding fee of 10 USD per CCN app per COTX Hotspot. This is a charge required by CCN. Under this option, COTX cooperates with the bonding pool to help the hotspot owners to complete the onboarding/stake process, so the mining reward distribution ratio of this option is as follows:
 Hotspot Owner: Bonding Pool = 60% : 40% 


FlexiMining - Mysterium - MYST

There are no additional fees other than the FlexiMining monthly service fee. The Hotspot owners get 100% of MYST mining reward.


COTX Alcrymist Mining - Charge Rate

COTX and TPMT ( cooperate to enable the Alcrymist third-party crypto mining function on top of the COTX X3 Alcrymist Edition hotspot. Alcrymist crypto mining apps are all provided by TPMT. TPMT offers technical support. TPMT distributes its mining reward between TPMT, the bonding pool, and the hotspot owners.

If the user enables the Alcrymist mining apps, COTX does not charge a monthly service fee.

Users may terminate the Alcrymist app at any time by notifying TPMT by email to: