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Trackpac App for COTX Petfon GPS Tracker

Trackpac is one of COTX Networks' business partners, providing Helium network-based GPS tracking service to its customers. And COTX Petfon GPS Tracker, a mature GPS tracker product in the market, can work in Helium LoraWAN network environment. The combination of COTX Petfon GPS Tracker and Trackpac App brings plenty of benefits to the customers of both sides. 

The Petfon GPS Tracker can work in the Helium Only Mode, in this mode, once Petfon GPS Tracker is powered on, it searches the Helium network automatically. So you can download the Trackpac App, then use the App to add/manage a Petfon GPS Tracker.

The Trackpac App is handy and easy to use, a good tool for your tracking needs.  

You can place an order to buy a Trackpac compatible COTX Petfon GPS Tracker HERE

Notes: Please ensure you choose the "Petfon GPS Tracker for Trackpac App“ when you place the order.