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COTX X3 Hotspot Cooler

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This is a cooler could be installed on top of COTX X3 hotspot to quickly decrease the hotspot temperature.  The X3 cooler must use a separated power source, the user can not use X3's USB port to provide power to the X3 cooler.

X3 Hotspot uses Raspberry Pi hardware; if the working temperature is too high, Raspberry Pi will reduce CPU working frequency automatically, which may impact your hotspot performance. The X3 Cooler can help your COTX X3 to lower the working temperature.

Note: some of X3 Cooler may has no COTX Logo, but the product is exactly the same as the X3 Cooler it has the COTX Logo.

X3 Cooler Installation Video


Package inclusion

1pc Gateway Cooler

1pc 1.5m Type-C 5A USB cable

Product power input: 5V/1.7A

Power interface: Type-C

Product size: 84x64.5x35mm

 Working Temperature: -5-45°C Celsius

Thermal conductivity: 237 W/(m·K)

(for your reference, liquid water's Thermal conductivity: 0.58 W/(m·K) )


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