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COTX Pulsar Cable

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$11.00 - $55.00
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The Pulsar cable is a high-grade, low-loss cable, suitable for outdoor applications with COTX Hotspot. This cable allows you to better position the gateway's antennas for optimal coverage.

We have different length of cables, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m. If you need to customize the length of the Pulsar Cable, please contact COTX Store directly.


Cable Connector:

N-Type Female <---> RP-SMA-Male


Power Loss:

Frequency 1.5m 2m 3m 5m 10m
433~435MHz ≤0.33dB ≤0.48dB ≤0.46dB ≤0.65dB ≤1.02dB
470~510MHz ≤0.35dB ≤0.53dB ≤0.47dB ≤0.68dB ≤1.1dB
863~870MHz ≤0.40dB ≤0.69dB ≤0.59dB ≤0.87dB ≤1.55dB
902~930MHz ≤0.41dB ≤0.70dB ≤0.63dB ≤0.92dB ≤1.67dB


Extra Shipping Cost

Please be noted, in the following circumstances, after you place the order, our service staff may contact you directly ask you to pay the extra shipping costs on top of the amount you have already paid:
#1. Your order's overall weight exceeds 30KG.