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COTX SAW Band Pass Filter

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Surface acoustic wave (SAW) band pass filters employs the piezoelectric effect to convert an electromagnetic signal into an acoustic signal and vice versa. A SAW bandpass filter provides sharp cut-off, very linear phase characteristics, high stability, and is highly reliable. Electrical signals are converted to a mechanical wave in a piezoelectric crystal or ceramic device. The wave is delayed as it propagates across the device before being converted back to an electrical signal. The delayed outputs are recombined to produce a direct analog implementation of a finite impulse-response filter.

 Product Specification

Center frequency:868.3MHz
Passband bandwidth:4MHz
Passband interpolation loss:3.5dB(max)
Out-of-band rejection:468MHz~828MHz ≥40dB
918MHz~1268MHz ≥40dB
Input impedance:50ohms
Maximum input power:20dBm
Operating temperature:-20~50℃
Storage temperature:-40~85℃
Interface type:RPSMA-M threaded hole
RPSMA-F threaded pin



Product Inclusions

1pc COTX SAW Band Pass Filter


Interface and Connection

Please check all these interfaces carefully when you choose filter.

reference article:  What is the X3 antenna interface of the Hotspot?

COTX SAW Band Pass Filter
COTX SAW Band Pass Filter



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