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COTX X1 Lite - Standard LoraWAN gateway & Helium Data Only Hotspot

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The new generation IoT smart LorWAN gateway, compatible with the Helium network, is a complete 8-channel Lora gateway with a built-in Ethernet connection for easy user configuration and use.

X1 Lite, is a Helium Data Only Hotspot, so no Helium PoC reward, Helium network only reward it for data packet transfer. As a data only hotspot, all onboarding and location assertion cost have to be paid by the hotspot owner.

This model do not have 4G module and GPS module.

Orders and Supplies

 - We accept bulk order, OEM and OEM requests.

- Product supply and deliver need ~ 8 weeks.

- This version X1 Lite has no 4G module, no GPS module


COTX X1 Lite Advantages:

Compatible with the Helium Network

Powered by Helium LongFi technology. Fully compatible with Helium Data Only Hotspot technology.

Work as the standard LoraWAN gateway

COTX X1 Lite can be used as a standardy LoraWAN gateway.

High performance and configuration
X1 Lite processor adopts MTK7628NN with 580MHz, supports large capacity DDR2 RAM 128MB, and high-speed SPI Flash 32MB.

Sleek Design
Compact design, metal case with various mounting accessories for a wide range of deployments and weighs only 235 grams.

Easy Configuration Management
With the help of COTX App, you can finish X1 Lite installation in just a few minutes.

Multiple Interface Support
Lora, WIFI, 4G(optional), Ethernet, Bluetooth(optional), GPS/BeiDou support (optional), Type-C charge interface.

Indoor and outdoor use
X1 Lite can be installed outdoors with a waterproof case attachment.

Multiple Management Tools
COTX Hotspot Cloud Service helps you to monitor your X1 Lite Hotspot remotely through the cloud service.
COTX Hotspot Web Management helps you to manage your X1 Lite in a wifi / LAN environment.
COTX App, help you to manage your X1 Lite by your cell phone.
These software tools can also manage your other COTX hotspot models, i.e., X3 and X5.

Compatible with COTX Helium and Standard LoraWAN Devices
X1 Lite can be used with COTX and third-party Helium devices for various cost-effective IoT solutions.
COTX Petfon solution helps pet owners effectively track pets in an extensive area. A perfect solution combines X1 Lite and COTX Petfon Tracking Solution.

Support multiple frequency bands
X1 Lite supports US915/EU868 and has FCC/CE wireless certification. More countries/regions will be added.
Lora module supports EU433/CN470/EU868/US915/AS923/AU915.

High quality and high service level
High product quality and customer services. COTX provides OTA upgrade service for Hotspot firmware and miner image during the whole product life cycle.

Wide range of accessories
COTX Store offers a wide range of accessories compatible with X1 Lite, X1, X3, and X5 Hotspot, including antennas, cables, etc.

Stable and Secure
X1 Lite is based on COTX's technical strength and rich experience in IoT products and solutions. Both consumer users and enterprise users can use it with confidence.


X1 Lite Specification

We support the frequency plans listed in the Helium frequency plan



Blog: How to set up your Helium network?

X1 Lite user manual


Extra Shipping Cost

Please be noted, in the following circumstances, after you place the order, our service staff may contact you directly ask you to pay the extra shipping costs on top of the amount you have already paid:
#1. Your order's overall weight exceeds 30KG.