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COTX X3 - Alcrymist Edition Hotspot (Full Helium Hotspot)

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COTX X3 Alcrymist Edition, which is based on the cooperation between COTX and TPMT. Basically, it is an indoor full Helium Hotspot, with TPMT multiple mining apps and functions, managed through COTX Hotspot Cloud Service.

COTX X3 Alcrymist Edition also supports COTX FlexiMining apps, it would be a very power platform to support all Helium functions, multiple crypto mining apps, and decentralized service apps.

COTX X3 - Alcrymist Edition hotspot support mining apps:

 IoT Helium miner (only on Helium hotspot)
dApp, Web 3.0 Mysterium (VPN), computecoin (web 3.0 infrastructure), PreSearch (search engine);
decentralized Cloud Storage Storj, ScPrime
Network Bandwidth sharing EarnApp, honeygain, IPRoyal, Peer2Profit, Meson Network

Note: This product price does not include computecoin - CCN enablement fee (10 USD). If you plan to install computecoin-CCN on your hotspot, please pay for this CCN enablement fee separately. Quantity also is 15;


COTX X3an indoor full Helium Hotspot

COTX-X3 is an indoor full Hotspot compatible with the Helium Network. We offer this X3 Combo here, which allows you to quickly set up an overall X3 working environment, thus saving on the total cost of ownership.


COTX X3 Alcymist Edition Includes

1 pc COTX X3 Indoor Hotspot , with 128GB microSD card

1 pc COTX X3 Cooler  


COTX X3 Advantages

1) Based on the Raspberry PI open platform, COTX Hotspot is expandable and practical, offers high expandability. 

2) Fast in synchronization.  By using our new web management tools, COTX Hotspot supports faster sync to blockchain than normal synchronization technology.

3) COTX Hotspot supports auto synchronizes with Helium official updates.

4) Stable and reliable.

5) Easy troubleshooting, With a status screen on the hotspot, users can easily check hotspot status; and if you use COTX web management tool to check Hotspot status, you could get hotspot's real status much quicker than other technologies.



If you plan to choose COTX POE Splitter for X3, please be noted:

Existing X3 has micro USB power interface, so you should choose COTX USB0503G POE Splitter.

If your X3 or other type of COTX Hotspts have Type-C power interface, you should choose COTX TYPE-C0503G POE Splitter.

X3 includes filter inside.


FlexiMining Features & Benefits

Easy to use: Easy to Install; You don need to know anything about OS command.

Multiple apps support: We support 0ver 10 web 3.0 apps, more apps are on the way.

High total Passive Income and ROI: The more apps you install, the more reward you get.

Multifunction: Support VPN server, Home-Assistant software, etc., 

Remotely manage everything: Everything managed through cloud.

Open and Future-proof: Eventually we support Helium Hotspot, X86 SBC, Raspberry Pi.

Support other brands' Helium hotspots: Except COTX Helium hotspot, X3X5X3 Alcrymist Edition, FlexiMining also be supported on other brands' Helium hotspot: SenseCAP M1, V2, RAK V2, MNTD Blackspot, MNTD Goldspot, Helium Hotspot OG.

Green: Our FlexiMining solution power consumption typically less than 10W.


X3 Reference:

Blog: How to set up your Helium network?

COTX X3 Features and Specification

COTX X3 Datasheet

COTX X3 User Manual

COTX X3 Hotspot Web Management User Guide

COTX Hotspot Cloud Service User Manual

COTX Hotspot App install X3 video


FlexiMining and Alcrymist Manuals:

COTX FlexiMining© User Manual 

COTX FlexiMining© - Alcrymist Apps User Manual 

Extra Shipping Cost

Please be noted, in the following circumstances, after you place the order, our service staff may contact you directly ask you to pay the extra shipping costs on top of the amount you have already paid:
#1. Your order's overall weight exceeds 30KG.

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