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COTX Customer Service - COTX Firmware Flashing Assistant for Midas Hotspot

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Midas 926 hotspot owners can flash the COTX firmware and then connect their Midas hotspot to the COTX Hotspot Cloud Service to install various FlexiMining apps. This allows Midas hotspot to get other crypto mining rewards besides Helium $HNT. 

This COTX Customer Service - COTX Firmware Flashing Assistant only includes the service to help customer flash COTX firmware. 

As a Midas hotspot owner, you can flash the COTX firmware by following the manual we provide (free of charge). Or you can choose this COTX Customer Service and mail the hotspot to COTX Partners, who will help you finish the COTX Firmware flashing and mail the hotspot back to you.

Now COTX firmware for Midas is in beta test stage.


Postage Fee

The postage of the hotspot back and forth is the responsibility of the user. Our COTX Customer Service only includes the service fee charged by COTX and Partners. This service does not include any postage fee. 

For return postage, you have two options.
- (1) You can include the postage-paid return shipping label when you send our partners the hotspot. This way, our Partners will send the hotspot back to you directly with this shipping label after the service is done.
- (2) After our Partners finish the job, they will evaluate and inform you about the return postage. And collect return postage from you separately.

If you purchased your Midas hotspot from, please contact directly, will provide COTX firmware flash assistance service. For's Midas customers, assistant of flashing COTX firmware is free of charge. The customer only pays for postage back and forth. Postage back is paid for in advance via Hexaspot storefront.


How to place order:

- If you have 1 Midas hotspot, please order directly, then email to, to let us know which partner you choose to mail your hotspot; And how you will pay for the return postage.

- If you have multiple Midas hotspot, please contact at first to get a discount code, then place the order.

 - Our partners are in the Netherlands and the USA, so please choose the nearest one to mail your hotspot.

Note: This service does not include any FlexiMining app or package fee. FlexiMining related fees should be paid separately.



User Manual - for Customer Flash COTX Firmware for Midas 926